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We are always looking for opportunities to save our clients money when the time comes for them to replace an existing air conditioning and heating system. It’s an investment. It’s not a glamorous project for the house, but one that will give you many years of comfort. It’s often difficult to know what system is right for your environment. If you are interested in replacing your system but aren’t sure what replacement system is appropriate for your home, please give us a call at (850) 897-5559 or contact us via email and we’ll be happy to analyze your current system and recommend a replacement.

Holt Phillips Specials


2019 Exclusive Finance Offers on Trane Equipment

Financing is available for up to 72 months on 16 SEER or higher Heat Pump or Gas Furnace system installed with a NEXIA thermostat.

If you have been waiting to get your system replaced NOW is the time!! Call today (850) 897-5559!

Keep your system cooling and heating throughout the year with our Service Maintenance Contract. Our HVAC Service Maintenance Contract program ensures your systems are performing well and last as long as possible. Call us today for more information 850-897-5559 or contact us via email.

Gulf Power 2019 Customer Rebates

gulf power customer rebatesIf you are replacing a gas system, you may qualify for a $400 incentive when you install a high efficiency heat pump. A heat pump is the most advanced and efficient heating and cooling system available today. It’s also a wise energy investment that can result in major savings on monthly energy bills for many homeowners.

Rebate of $400 if you convert from Gas Heat to Heat Pump.
Gas replacement system (heat pump) may include backup or supplemental heat with electric or gas.
Gas replacement system installed between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.
Gas replacement system customers must contact Gulf Power at 1-877-655-4001
Incentive request for payment must be received within 30 days of installation.
All Gas replacement installations will be verified by Gulf Power with an on-site visit.

Gulf Power Rebate Page

CHELCO 2019 Customer Rebates

CHELCO customer HVAC rebatesInstall a new qualifying system, and receive a rebate from CHELCO. A load calculation must be done by CHELCO before installation. You can contact CHELCO at (850) 892-2111 to arrange to have this done. Qualifying systems include the following. Please let us know if you need assistance deciding which system to use.

  • Dual Fuel Heat Pump System 15 SEER $300.00 rebate per ton
  • Dual Fuel Heat Pump System 16+ SEER $350.00 rebate per ton
  • Mini-Split Heat Pump System 15 SEER $300.00 rebate per ton
  • Mini-Split Heat Pump System 16+ SEER $350.00 rebate per ton
Download CHELCO's Rebate Fact Sheet

Okaloosa Gas 2019 Rebates

okaloosa gas rebatesAn OKALOOSA GAS Rebate Form Required – contact Okaloosa Gas at 850-729-4700
Get a $400 cash rebate for the replacement of your old Gas Furnace or electric Heat Pump with a NEW Efficient Natural Gas Furnace.

Okaloosa Gas Rebate Page